Saturday, September 15, 2012

Elephants and Little Hippos

 Durban has been experiencing some rainfall these past few days so instead of our field trip to go watch some birds (ahhh...), we drove into town to go shopping at the markets and buy some goodies. The drive from Pietermaritzburg to Durban was about an hour, but with all the country music Baba Philip played in the bus, time seemed to fly by pretty fast. Unfortunately some people are not huge fans of country music, so they moaned and groaned the whole way there.. but that is besides the point.

The windows were a bit foggy for the most part, but from what I could see, Durban's market place looked similar to Downtown LA. I'm not too sure if that's a cool thing or not, but yes that is how it looked like. The only major difference between Downtown LA and Durban was the smell of spices. Not all the stores sold the spices, but the minute you stepped into the market place you can literally smell curry everywhere. I personally love curry so walking around all the stores and bargaining made me extremely hungry and drooling for some Indian cuisine. (Fun fact: Africa actually has the largest population of Indians besides India. Pretty interesting huh?) Perhaps one of these days we will get to have some Indian food with naan bread. YUM!

The market place was extremely fun though, my five senses definitely were going crazy. Bright colored tapestries. Smell of curry and other spices. The sound of people bargaining. Loud African music. All the beads and African wood work. The little shopaholic voice in my head kept telling me to buy everything! But ladies and gentlemen, I do have SOME patience.. so I saved some money and I am probably going to wait to buy more things at our next market visit.

AND we even packed lunches with our own personal lunch pails! Seriously, how cute can we get?
God is so good. Feeling blessed to be here, especially with wonderful people who are also so in love
with Africa. Now off to do homework... Have a wonderful weekend :)

Always, Allex


Emily Bell said...

Country music with Baba! Some of my most cherished memories!

The Winter Family said...

Thank you Allex for posting. We check in on your posts and are thrilled that you are having a great time! Your heart will forever be changed because of Africa.

Anonymous said...

Mariko, you look tremendously great to look into
a different and fresh world. Wonderful!
But where and when do you study? And what are
you going to study ? Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Hi baby
What a way to study
You are missed
Even mushu is asking for you
He told me, he really did!
Love you

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