Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday with Birds

Today we spent our early morning bird watching. It sounds silly but this may have been the one of the most interesting field trips we have had with our group. Unfortunately I do not remember all of the names and types of birds, but it was exciting to walk around and take a gander at the interesting looking birds. Not only did we get to walk around the exhibit, we got a bird show too. It was like being at the San Diego Wildlife Park, but waaay cooler. AND we got to see small owl gobble up a piece of meat in one bite! It's not every day we see that!

I seriously cannot get enough of how green it is here in South Africa. Every time we take a short drive to the mall or on a field trip with my art class, I always try to look out the window. It is so beautiful and I do hope that the folks back home can get a little taste of what I see every day. Maybe SoCal should invest in planting more trees? I think yes :)

Always, Allex


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