Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gardening and Dirt Manicures

Today was the first day working at Walk in the Light and ladies and gentleman.. it was incredible!
We had a lot of nerves and jitters stored up, but we started the morning with a devotional and our supervisor, Bruce, shared a short message on the Good Samaritan. Bruce expressed how he wanted us to be like the Samaritan; to be that one person who helps those in need, those who are left on the side of the road and have been ignored by others. It was a great way to begin our service in this ministry and to hear what Bruce is expecting from us. He is such an amazing man of God and has a huge heart for his community. He has a passion to help empower the people in the community and to reach out to those who struggle with HIV or other matters. It is just such a blessing to be working with his ministry and to share his compassion for people.

We also worked alongside Tracy. Tracy has a passion for working with people in the community and also loves gardening. She is mainly in charge of the gardens and is very serious about her plants, so don't mess with her when it comes to her greens! She explained to us a little bit about what we were planting; so while we were filling trays with soil and rooting these green stubs, she told us that we were planting rose geranium. They need great care and sometimes she talks to them because they need love. So we sang worship songs, or at least Grace did.. and we planted. We laughed a lot as a group and we shared stories. (We also got super cute dirt manicures, for free.) Tracy told us a lot about her past work experiences and how she transitioned to work at Walk in the Light, but she eventually told us that she had to leave at 12pm so she can watch her Dr. Phil show. Who knew he aired all the way in Africa? We thought she was joking. She wasn't. So we kept working and we continued to bond with one another. It was great because I normally don't talk to the people in my group on campus that often, so this created an opportunity for us to get to know one another. I am so blessed to be working with my team who are supportive, encouraging, and have such huge hearts for serving. I have concluded that these next 4 weeks are going to be life changing. So stick around and I will post pictures when time permits :) Soon you will also get to know and meet my team and the staff I work with. Step into my shoes and see the beauty in God's people and His creations.

Always, Allex


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