Saturday, October 6, 2012

Zip-lining: awkward and awesome

-not knowing what to do with your hands when you are zip-lining, then the guide turns around and says "that's an example of what NOT to do"
-having the harnesses on waaay too tight
-one word: hairnets
-that one time that the guide came up really close to Danielle's eye and blew out the piece of lint. we still talk about it and laugh endlessly about Danielle's reaction
-every time we have to clip and unclip on the rope, we have to consistently thrust our hips to the air in order for the guide to be able to reach the clip. yes, we did feel really uncomfortable.

-riding up to the top of the mountain on the back of a truck
-going down EIGHT zip-lines and not having to worry about slowing down for any of them
-hanging out with these amazing girls who are ridiculously humorous
-yelling "pinooooooooo" or "yeboooooo"
-trying to video record but failing. then laughing about it.
-having a small juice box and a little piece of chocolate for a snack at the top of a tree!
-having lunch set up for us at the end of our two hour adventure, it's even cuter when the sandwiches are miniature. baby sandwiches :)


Emily Bell said...

LOVE THIS!! It sounds like you are having an amazing time! :)

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